Marina Rules & Regulations

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Boat owners shall ensure that the boat is safely moored with lines adequate for all weather conditions.


Dock flotation poles shall be free and unobstructed at all times.


Swimming and diving shall not be permitted in the Marina.


Public fishing shall not be permitted in the Marina.


Docks and premises are to be kept free and clear pf gear, tackle, hoses, bicycles, equipment, laundry, garbage and all other obstructions at all times and decks of all boats shall be kept free and clear of debris at all times and present a neat appearance.


All boats shall be kept in a clean and orderly condition. No laundry, towels, bathing suits or other such items shall be hung on boat, docks, or pilings.


Boat owner shall immediately notify Marina Management of the necessity of repairs to piers or of any dangerous conditions requiring attention. Boat owner shall not alter piers or berthing fingers in any way without written permission of Marina Management. This includes the installation of boat lifts, electrical, plumbing, carpentry or other alterations.


No fueling of boats on docks. Fueling will be allowed on ramp.


Motorized vehicles of any sort, except motorized wheelchairs or scooters to assist the ambulatory disabled, are not allowed on the docks.


The rental fee includes the moderate use of electricity and fresh water. Marina Management reserves the right to install metered electrical outlets and charge owners for excessive use of electricity.


Boat owners shall be considerate of others and keep noise to a minimum. Loud music or other similar distractions to other boaters are prohibited.


Boat owners must notify Marina Management, in writing, when visitors are permitted to use the boat owner’s boat. The boat owner is responsible for all guests and shall inform them of all rules and regulations in this agreement.


All signs of any kind placed in or adjacent to moored boats will meet the requirements of City Ordinances. 


Continuing infractions of the rules and regulations contained herein, at the option of Marina Management, may result in termination of this agreement after which the boat owner shall immediately remove his/her boat from the premises.


Marina Management reserves the right to remove a boat whenever the it deems it necessary for the safety and orderly operation of the Marina.


Marina Management reserves the right to initiate policies independent from this agreement to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the Marina.


Boat owner must notify Marina Management of any sale of boat within seven (7) calendar days of the sale.

For more information on the Marina rules and regulations, or to inquire about a seasonal slip, please contact Marina Management at