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Please Note: At this time we are not able to accommodate wedding venue requests.

Host a Special Event at the C!

Thank you for choosing Lake Cunningham as the space for your next event! We’re flattered! The C offers the opportunity for organizations, schools, and the surrounding community to host their own special events within the park. To ensure a successful event and experience for all parties involved, all event requests must go through and be approved by the Lake Cunningham team!


Pricing for hosting an event does vary from different events based on attendance and the nature of the event. Once your event is submitted and approved by Lake Cunningham, you will receive a price proposal.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Permittees agree to obey all applicable laws, rules, and regulations promulgated by Lake Cunningham and the City of Omaha.
  2. Lake Cunningham will designate the area for special occasion use, and such use will be confined to that area. The permit does not grant exclusive use of the area. Lake Cunningham Management and the City of Omaha reserve the right to enter the permit area for purposes required by their responsibilities, including viewing of the special occasion.
  3. Permittee agrees to hold liability for any person(s) injury or property damage that arises from activities authorized by this permit. Liability insurance with the Lake Cunningham Management named as co-insured and or the execution of a separate agreement may be required for certain activities.
  4. The permit issuance can be revoked at any time by Lake Cunningham upon violation of area regulations or for other just cause.

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