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Your donation enables us to continue our work to combat environmental threats, preserve our park, serve underprivileged youth, make improvements and offer family-friendly community events.

Park Initiatives

We’ve got a lot of exciting initiatives going on at Lake Cunningham! Below are just a few of the initiatives we are currently working towards for this year and for years to come. 

In 2023 our goal of raising $30,000 can help us with several initiatives. Each donation helps us get one step closer to providing more amenities and community gatherings! Your donation will 100% go towards making these initiatives a reality. We thank you for your support and investment in the C. It is our promise to be a good steward of every donation we receive.

Goal: $30,000


Donations Raised

Rock the "C" Concert Series

It is no question that positive activation creates a vibrant park and community! We need your help to keep the Rock the C concert series alive! Show your support towards community engagement, arts, and outdoor recreation at the C!

man playing disc golf

Disc Golf Course Improvements

We’ve made many improvements to the “Lighthouse” Disc Golf Course. Let’s continue this momentum by helping us pour concrete pads to finish off the back 9 holes, and install signage at each hole to help with course description and visibility!

Lake C North Nature Improvements

The nature trails north of Highway 36 notably have some of the most beautiful scenery in the park. Help us make improvements to this natural space by placing clearer signage on the trail and giving the opportunity to sit, enjoy nature, or have a space to tie up your horse. 

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