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Frequently Asked Questions

Our campground entrance is located at 8305 Rainwood Rd, Omaha, NE 68122

Yes, there is a 2-night minimum stay on the weekends. You are required to book Friday and Saturday together. On holiday weekends, there is a 3-night minimum stay. 

Upon arrival, we ask that all guests proceed to their reserved campsite and the camp host will come by to check you in. While we do understand that with travel comes the unexpected, we also boast a quiet and safe campground. In order for us to make good on this promise to our guests, we ask that all guests try to be checked in between 3:00 pm-8:00 pm. If you’re going to arrive after 8 pm, we ask that you proceed to your campsite and our host will be around the following day to check you in. If you have any problems, our campground host is located at site #1 in the west c campground.

Check out is 10:00am-1:00pm. Check out means your campground site must be vacated by no later than 1:00pm. We ask that you honor our check out time promptly to minimize hardship on our staff and the next arriving guests. 

There are no walkup reservations. Reservations can be booked online up until 1:00pm the day of through our website. For more information, please visit our Campground Reservations page.

No, we do not offer long-term stays. The maximum length of stay is 14 days. Lake Cunningham Campground reserves the right to cancel your reservation or terminate your stay without a refund if you exceed or take advantage of this limitation.

If you would like to reserve an ADA accessible campsite, please contact the Lake Cunningham office at 531-201-5754. ADA accessible campsites are reserved for individuals requiring ADA accessible features. Property management reserves the right to cancel your reservation or move you to a different site, if available.

Lake Cunningham Campground does not offer any type of shelter facilities in the case of severe weather. We ask that campers monitor the weather closely prior to their stay so that they can make necessary arrangements if need be.

Only one (1) RV is allowed per campsite. Two additional vehicles are allowed per site. The Camp Host will provide designated car tags for (2) vehicles at the campsite. Please keep vehicles off the grass. Eight people are included in booking one site. Maximum of 8 people per site. No pallets or non-camping related items are allowed in campground. No loud music, unless park hosted concert is scheduled.

RV sites cannot be reserved for tent camping. If an RV site is reserved, there must be an RV present. Please note: campsite #40 on the West C Campground is a specialty glamping site that does offer luxury tent camping available to book at

Up to two tents are allowed per site in the Primitive Tent Campground. This campground is for tent camping only. No RV or vehicle camping is allowed. 

No tents are allowed in the East C Campground.

One tent allowed per site with an RV in the West C Campground. Please note: campsite #40 on the West C Campground is a specialty glamping site that does offer luxury tent camping available to book at

Campers may be subject to a damage policy fee pending inspection of the rental site. You will be responsible for any damages done to your site during your stay such as sewer spills, damages to park property, or waste left on your site.

Please place all garbage in designated dumpsters located around the park or take it with you when you leave. When appropriate, please utilize our recycling trash receptacles for plastic bottles and cans. Please keep your campsite and lake clean by cleaning up litter.

There is an on-site dump station available for sites without water and sewer hookup. The Dump Station is for camping patrons only. Surveillance cameras will be monitoring this area.

Showers will be available in both bath house facilities for campers to utilize. 

The West C campground has one restroom/shower facility which includes two restroom stalls and one shower available for use on both the men’s and women’s sides. 

East C has one restroom/shower facility which includes two restroom stalls and two showers available for use on both the men’s and women’s sides. 

Campfires are to be in the fire rings only. Fire rings must not be used to dispose of cans, bottles, or other trash. $50 additional charge for fire rings left with trash.

BBQ grills (charcoal and propane) must be a minimum of 24” off the ground. Grills are not allowed on picnic tables. Fires and coals must be doused and properly disposed of before the park user leaves the site.

The speed limit in the park is 10mph.

Please respect the quiet time of 10:00pm-7:00am.

Yes, there are several locations around the park where you are able to fish. If you are under 16 years of age, you do need a fishing license. To obtain a fishing license, please visit

Pets are allowed in the park but must be kept on leashes (six-foot maximum length) or inside and do not leave unattended. No excessive barking allowed. Pets must be walked by a responsible person to pick up after them immediately. Pets are not allowed in or near any buildings, bathrooms, or playground areas. Maximum of 2 pets allowed. Managers have the right to ask the guest to leave, without refund, for not obeying the posted Pet Policy. Cats are not permitted to roam the park freely. No horses are allowed in the campground or marina area. 

ATVs, UTVs and golf carts cannot be used in the campground or on park trails. Lake Cunningham staff use and park security are the only exceptions to this rule. 

Fireworks and firearms are prohibited on park property including Airsoft and pellet guns.

Guest use of remote-control cars, boats or drones is not permitted in the park.

No artificial turf, mats or tarps are allowed on the grass.

Canopies are permitted as long as they do not infringe on neighboring sites. No TARPS of any kind shall serve as an awning. ONLY manufactured awnings and screen rooms, designed to attach to the RV, will be permitted.

No, unfortunately you are unable to receive mail and packages to your specified site at the campground. Mail to your camp site is deemed undeliverable.

Guests are responsible for all behavior of children. All children must be accompanied by an adult 19 years or older.

Swimming is not permitted in Lake Cunningham.

Per the City of Omaha park rules, alcohol is not allowed on the premises.

Smoking is not allowed in the bath house. Do not throw your tobacco butts on the ground. Please be courteous of neighbors not desiring exposure to dangerous secondhand smoke.

The American Flag, State Flags, current U.S. Military flags and Sport Teams flags are the only flags allowed to fly. No other flags are permitted.

Clotheslines are not permitted.

Please be respectful of other campers around you when playing music. Loud or explicit music that disturbs other campers will not be tolerated at the campground. Park permitted concerts are allowed and are considered a park-hosted event.

To ensure the safety of all campers, no bike or scooter riding is allowed after dark. 

Cutting or disturbing any living vegetation is not permitted in the park.

Washing or repairs to RV’s, trucks, trailers or cars may not be performed in the park.

Lock bikes and other valuables up! The park will not be responsible for any loss caused by fire, theft, vandalism, natural happenings, or accidents. Individuals should carry personal insurance to cover any such loss. When away from your RV, please secure and lock your vehicle. Items such as bicycles and scooters should be locked up or secured. Additionally, any personal property and/or valuables left after checkout will be considered abandoned, and the park may dispose of it without notice. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items, RVs or vehicles left in the parking lot.

Any person(s) found in violation of any of these rules may be asked to leave the campground and not return for the rest of the season, no refund. Any person(s) caught deliberately/defacing/damaging park facilities/equipment will be removed from and banned from the park, no refund. Any person(s) who damages or causes infractions of campground rules is subject to be fined.